Housing for the Disabled in Louisiana

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Disabled Louisiana residents have a variety of housing options in the state. There are subsidized apartments and homes, voucher programs, assistance securing a mortgage and down payment assistance. There are fair housing laws in place to protect the disabled from discrimination. These laws also guarantee a level of accessibility for those with limited mobility.

Public Housing

Baton Rouge and New Orleans both offer public housing to low-income residents, including the disabled. The Housing Authority of New Orleans offers its public housing to the elderly, the disabled and families with children. The income maximum is 80 percent of the average median income of New Orleans. To apply, call the community you're interested in and they can make arrangements to help you complete the application. Your rent is based on a percentage of your gross income. Baton Rouge has more than 1,100 public rental units on 14 different sites. Three of the sites are geared specifically to the elderly. Most of the units are close to public transportation. Eligibility is determined by income, credit history and criminal history. You can apply directly to the apartment complex that interests you.

Housing Choice Vouchers

Section 8 vouchers are now called Housing Choice Vouchers. Vouchers are available through local public housing authority offices throughout Louisiana. To qualify for a Housing Choice Voucher, you must be disabled, elderly or a family with children and a low income. The income maximum is based on the median income of each area and the size of your household. To apply, contact your local public housing authority office.

Home Ownership Assistance

The Louisiana Housing Finance Agency offers low-income families, including the disabled, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. Eligibility is based on the median income of your local area. The HOME/MRB program includes financing for part of the down payment and closing costs and requires your income to be less than 80 percent of your area's median income. The MRB Assisted program also covers part of the down payment and closing costs, but has a higher interest rate and allows a higher income (115 percent of the local median income). To apply, contact the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency.

Public housing authority offices also offer the home ownership voucher program. This program is for those who are already receiving the Housing Choice vouchers, including the disabled. The agencies help to secure financing for a home, and your rental voucher becomes a mortgage voucher to help pay for your new home. For more information, contact your local public housing authority office.

Veterans Assistance

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers VA-backed loans for veterans. These include a competitive fixed rate, long repayment period and no down payment. Disabled veterans are also eligible for the Specially Adapted Housing Program, which is a grant that provides funds to help modify an existing home or purchase a new, accessible one. To apply for either of these programs, contact your local VA office.


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