Household Inventory List for Insurance

When people are seeking insurance for their homes, the insurance company will often ask the homeowners to provide an inventory. This is an extensive list of items the homeowners have in the home, in case the insurance company needs to replace the items after a house fire or burglary. Having a household inventory can speed the process of getting the proper claims through in an emergency. As an additional help in making your list, take photos of every room and each object.


Include all of your furniture in all of your rooms on your household inventory for your insurance company. The furniture should include couches, chairs and coffee tables from the living room, dining room tables, chairs and sideboards from the dining room and the bed frame, bedside tables and dressers from your master bedroom. Include furniture from your children’s bedrooms or guestrooms as well.

Kitchen Items

Create a list of all of the items in your kitchen. This includes your kitchen table, the stove, the dishwasher, the refrigerator and a separate freezer if you have one. You should also include smaller items, such as plates, cups, utensils, books, crystal, linens, glassware and pots and pans. Include expensive small appliances, such as a microwave, food processor, blender or coffee maker. Open up every cupboard and create a list of all the items.

Personal Items and Appliances

Personal items can include items you often store in the bathroom or closet. Provide an estimate of your clothing and shoes. Make a detailed list of jewelry with descriptions. Include a list of personal care items, such as hair driers or a bathroom scale. Include appliances and electronics such as washing machines and dryers, vacuum cleaners, televisions, stereos and video game equipment. Also include items such as musical instruments and sports equipment.


People often store expensive technical equipment in the office or den of the home. This includes computers, scanners, faxing machines and printers. Other office furniture you may have includes filing cabinets or storage cabinets. Any books, lamps, chairs and desks should also be included. You should remember all items you have stored on your cabinet and the rugs you have on your floors.


A household inventory also includes the items you have stored in your garage or garden shed. This includes your car, motorcycles, lawnmowers, gardening tools, other tools, storage boxes and lawn or patio furniture. Include anything you have in your basement or attic as well, as many people tend to forget any antiques they have stored in the attic.