Does Having a Job Increase Your Credit Score?

If you have a job and have adequate income you may be able to pay your debts. Having a job does not increase your credit score. Other factors will help increase your credit score.


Having a job and a reliable, consistent, and better than average income will increase your chance of being approved for a loan but it will not help your credit score.

Expert Insight

Your credit score can be helped by paying your debts on time. Approximately 34 percent of your score is based on how you pay your debts, according to


Paying down your credit cards can also help contribute to a higher credit score. Having too much debt can increase your credit usage and lower your credit availability.


If you lose your job, your income will be reduced sufficiently. You may not have enough money to pay your debts, which could lead to a reduction in your credit score.


If you have too many credit inquiries, it can lower your credit score. Every time someone pulls your credit score, when you apply for credit, your credit score can be lowered. One inquiry, on average, can lower your credit less than 5 points.