Grants for Taxidermy School

Grants for Taxidermy School
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Grants for taxidermy school are available through the government and several state and national organizations. The government offers federal Pell Grants to students that want to study to be professional taxidermists. Applications are available through the FAFSA website. The Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy is one of several schools that accepts government grants and funding. Unfortunately not all taxidermy schools, such as the Missoula Valley School of Taxidermy, accept federal grants. Check with the school registrar.

National Taxidermists Association

The National Taxidermists Association awards the Charlie Fleming Education Fund (CFEF) to National Taxidermy Association members and their dependents annually. The award is a scholarship to a taxidermy school. Applicants must be enrolled in a taxidermy school and apply the grant toward tuition, according to the website. Applications for the grant are available at state NTA headquarters, the website and should be submitted before the month of April each year.

Texas Taxidermy Association

The Texas Taxidermy Association (TTAI) provides several scholarships annually for students wishing to study taxidermy. The TTAI offers a scholarship for a member of the association in good standing, a grant to a child that wishes to learn taxidermy, and a scholarship to a high school student wishing to study the art professionally. The grant is given on the condition that the TTAI approve of the school, class and instructor. Applicants must be members of the organization, and the student must use the scholarship within a year, according to the website. Applicants for the scholarship can apply through the TTAI website.

Kansas Association Taxidermy

The Kansas Association Taxidermy awards several taxidermy competition awards and a scholarship to study taxidermy at the association's annual convention. The grant winner must make a presentation at the seminar about what they learned at school. Applicants must be in good standing with the Kansas Association Taxidermy and submit their names by March.

Missouri Taxidermist Association

The Missouri Taxidermist Association awards three scholarships to students wanting to attend taxidermy school. Applicants must attend a class given by a Missouri-based taxidermist within the state of Missouri and submit their applications prior to July 15, according to the website. The scholarships are awarded at the annual MTA Competition and Convention.