How to Get Grants for Nursing Students

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A career as a nurse is a dream for many, but nursing school is expensive and often out of reach without financial assistance. Loans are a popular option, but before taking on unnecessary debt, nursing students should explore other financial aid avenues, including grants. Grants for nursing students come from a variety of places, including the federal government and private non-profit organizations. Unlike loans, grants do not need to be repaid.

Step 1

Visit and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid application. This application will help your nursing school determine if you are eligible for any federal grants approved by Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, including Pell grants.

Step 2

Use the resources of your nursing school. Visit the school's website and browse the financial aid pages. Some school websites display information about location- or degree-specific grants on their financial aid pages.

Step 3

Contact the financial aid office at your school in person, by phone or email. Ask if they know of any grants specifically for nursing students and take note of any you are told about. Determine the application procedures for each grant and apply accordingly.

Step 4

Search the Internet for grants specific to your unique situation or interests. There are a number of grants for students who fit specific demographics or nursing specialties. Apply for the grants that fit you and your circumstances best.


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