How to Obtain Government Grants for Single Mom Homes


Government grants can be quite helpful for a number of things - from businesses and school to home repairs and housing. Some grants are created for specific individuals, including single moms. Below, you'll learn how to obtain government grants for single mom homes.

Look into state and local resources. The first place you'll want to look for government grants is within your own state and locally. There are many government grants available at the state level to help you obtain a home for yourself and your family. A few organizations worth checking out include the Salvation Army and Walls for Hope - both of which receive government grants in order to help individuals with housing and other needs.

Check federal resources. If there are no resources available at the state level, there are many different federal resources available. You can find government grants by checking and using the keyword search tool to search for single mom home grants. From there, you will be given a list of available grants you can browse through in order to find grants you would be eligible for. When using this site, you can even obtain the applications for each grant.

Obtain information from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD is a widely known resource for individuals who need help obtaining housing, including single moms. HUD is a government organization that helps low-income families obtain housing in several different ways. From paying a down payment for single mothers to giving grants to help those mothers pay their monthly mortgage payments and more. You can visit the official website at or find your own local chapter of HUD by visiting

Apply for a grant. To apply for a grant to obtain housing, you should fill in everything absolutely correctly. Have someone close to you look over the application to spot possible errors or typos. Be sure that you've filled out all parts of the application. Also, double check to make sure when the deadline is so that you can ensure that the application is received in time. Ideally, have your application in as soon as possible - at least 2 to 3 weeks before the deadline. When mailing your application, do not fold it. Place it in a manila envelope and ensure that you have placed enough postage on the envelope in order for it to arrive at its destination.

When you follow these steps, you have a great chance of obtaining a grant for single mom housing.

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