Gifts for a State Trooper Academy Graduation

Gifts for a State Trooper Academy Graduation
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Graduating from the state trooper academy means that your friend or family member will be entering a career in law enforcement. While standard gifts such as electronics, gift cards or cash are appreciated, providing the graduate with something to use daily on the job would make a more memorable gift.

Polarized Sunglasses

State troopers often spend a lot of their time driving on the road. A pair of polarized sunglasses will improve their field of sight, while at the same time cutting the glare that comes off the road or water. If the state trooper graduate uses a prescription, offer to change the lenses in the sunglasses to match that prescription.

Satellite Radio

Many state troopers spend a lot of time in their vehicle. While they can pull in traditional radio stations in the car or SUV, they most likely do not get the premium satellite stations. Before purchasing this as a gift, check with the state on its policies and procedures to make sure that listening to satellite radio while on the job is allowed. Also, purchase a portable satellite unit since many times officers share department vehicles.

Duty Bag or Trunk Organizer

If the state trooper graduate has a take-home vehicle at her job, purchase a duty bag or trunk organizer. These bags or organizers will include compartments for personal items such as license, wallet and house keys, as well as on the job materials such as flashlights, weapons, procedure books and safety equipment.

St Michael's Medallion

In Christian religions, St Michael was an archangel who rose up and fought Lucifer, defeating him at a perilous moment. Over the years St Michael has become a symbol for law enforcement and military personnel who are fighting evil. Many officers wear or keep pendants, medallions and charms that depict St Michael.


A set of binoculars can greatly assist a state trooper on the job. It allows him to spot, identify and understand events that may be unfolding in front of his eyes. While the police department may have some binoculars within the department, it might not be standard issue for all state troopers.