How to Get an AARP Over 50 Health Insurance Quote

by Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

How to Get an AARP Over 50 Health Insurance Quote. AARP has been around to help seniors and those approaching their senior years for nearly 50 years. During its time, the organization has helped members find the specialized resources they need. One of AARP's finest services is helping people over age 50 find quality health insurance.

Step 1

Check the programs available to people your age. AARP does not provide coverage for people under 50 and over 65.

Step 2

Go online to the AARP website. Here you can perform a series of different options. To start, click the link to the "Health" section. Then find the link to apply for health insurance and click it. Review the different options and then select the coverage that fits your needs.

Step 3

Enter all the personal data AARP requests. The information will vary by age, home city and health history. Depending on the coverage you select, you will have to enter different sets of health information. Answer all questions truthfully, as the quote generated will be based on these facts. If it is later found that you have a different health status, AARP will adjust the rate.

Step 4

Click the finish button and wait for your quote. The computer will take a few moments to generate an estimated cost of coverage. Know that this is only an estimate and not an exact rate.

Step 5

Phone AARP at (800) 444-6544 if you do not have access to the Internet or are more comfortable giving your personal information over the telephone. AAPR has operators who will help you find a health insurance quote to meet your needs.