How to Get Gas Cards With Bad Credit

by Contributor ; Updated September 11, 2015
Gas Cards With Bad Credit

Self inflicted bad credit can put at stake everything. Finding gas cards with a poor credit can be hard but not impossible. And it's also the perfect way to rebuild your financial history. There are companies who offer this opportunity with some limitations attached. So what are the key things to look for when you apply for one with poor credit rating? Let's check it out.

Get your credit score To apply, a credit score is needed. Many companies provide free credit report and scores. Once the scores are in hand, you would be in a better position to see where you stand.

Choose the Best Gas Card with the lowest APR It's time for comparison shopping. Many websites provide options for gas cards for consumers with poor credit. Take a look at the APR. Choose the one that is the lowest. Don't allow companies to rip you off completely. There is a penalty for bad credit, but not anything unreasonable.

Choose the Gas Card with More Flexibility Limitations on gas cards are sure to apply for people with poor credit. Make a note of the following as you compare notes: 1. What's the credit limit allowed? 2. Is there an Annual Fee? 3. What's the grace period allowed to pay off balances? 4. An over limit fee? If yes, how much? 5. A sign up fee? 6. A Monthly Servicing fee? 7. After how many months does your credit limit increase?

As you compare and research, note your choices. Always go through the finer details. Choose gas cards that meet your needs.

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