How to Find Foreclosed Houses in My Area

Foreclosure indicates an unfortunate situation for those who have lost their homes. However, it can be a positive thing for those looking for a new home or for an investment property. Foreclosed homes can often be purchased for a fraction of the original sales price. These houses usually need cleaning and remodeling before they are in a livable condition, but the discounted sales price is often worth the effort. With a little time and effort, finding foreclosures in your area should not be difficult.

Visit the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development's website and type "Homes for sale" in the search box.

Click on the "From HUD" link under "Single Family Homes for Sale" on the HUD website. This will take you to a page with a listing of states.

Click on the state in which you live. Click on the "Go to requested page" link on the next page. This will bring up a search box to look for foreclosed properties in your area.

Fill out the search-box fields with as many details as desired. You can search by address, a particular price range, and bedroom and bathroom size. Click on the "Search" tab to produce a list of foreclosed homes.


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