Financial Help for Moving Expenses for the Disabled

Financial Help for Moving Expenses for the Disabled
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Americans with disabilities are encountering more options and resources for independent living, incentives for corporations implementing disability work programs and adaptive technology resources. One resource, perhaps initially overlooked, is gaining momentum in terms of local, state and federal agencies pitching in. Moving expenses for those who are struggling financially can be daunting. However if you do not have the fiscal means nor the physical capability to pack and carry items during a move, it can be overwhelming. With a little research, you will find that there is indeed help.

A Formidable Alliance

The resource page of the National Home of Your Own Alliance Institute on Disability as put together by the University of New Hampshire is an exhaustive resource full of data and referrals to different statewide and national resources for the disabled housing assistance programs as well as general income assistance. Some highlights on the list include, ADAPT, Institute on Community Integration (UAP) and The National Institute on Life Planning for Persons with Disabilities. ADAPT promotes federal funding for people with disabilities and offers resources at the state and local levels throughout the country. UAP has as its mission to improve the quality of life for the disabled and implement social supports for individuals and families. Lastly but particularly important in the search for housing transition money is the The National Institute on Life Planning for Persons with Disabilities, which provides information on transition, government benefits and housing.

Rounding Up More Money

Another program in addition to the ones on the alliance list is Operation Roundup. This is an organization that adds a tax to local utility bills so that ordinary citizens pitch in for families in need. Call your utility company directly and ask them about it. A request for assistance can be made by apply for a grant with the utility company, or the foundation that runs the program. Apply early because there is a limited amount available.


The Social Security Administration (SSA) has an online booklet to help answer questions regarding the various kinds of disability benefits available and to assist individuals with the application process. If the questions are not answered in the booklet, there is contact information on the website for needy individuals, disabled individuals, families caring for the disabled and disabled veterans. You may visit the website for more information.

Grants Await Your Needs

Certain general living assistance grants are available and just waiting to be accessed through local, state or federal government branches. The government recognizes special needs particular to the disabled and gives personal loans to them to encourage independent living. With the money awarded, individuals build ramps into their houses and make other necessary home renovations as well as access moving assistance funds.

Federal Leadership

Visit the federal disability government website. It is easy to remember: This U.S. Government website is packed with federal news, resources and referrals to complement your search, including a link to the federal housing website (HUD). Once you get started, although it may taking some digging, you will find that there are available funds at a myriad of agencies across the nation just waiting for you to access.