How to Fill Out a Car Loan Application

As you shop for the best price and rates on your car loan, you'll probably have to fill out lots of applications. Fortunately, many of these documents follow a general setup and require most of the same information. There are a few bits of information you need to have handy in order to fill out a car loan application.

Write down the specifics of the loan you're asking for first. You need to know if the loan is to pay a dealership, private individual, used dealership or a lease buyout. You should also have an idea of how much money you'll need and whether it's an individual or joint loan.

Fill out the basic personal information section. This generally includes your social security number, address, how long you've lived there and your monthly rent. You'll have to provide the details of your mortgage if you have one.

Provide information about your employment and income. You often have to write down any jobs you've had in the past 2 years and provide a contact number for your supervisor.

Disclose any additional financial information that may positively influence your loan application. You are often not required to include things like alimony and child support, but you can list them if you wish.

Attach any supporting documents that verify your housing and employment. These documents generally include things like tax returns, a copy of the lease, paychecks and other legal documents. Include photocopies and not originals.

Submit your application for review. Depending on where you apply for a car loan, you may have to wait minutes or days for a response.


  • You may be given a loan application when you visit a bank to ask about it, so fill it out on the spot if you want to save time. Some lenders have their applications online for you to print out and bring in. Most online and offline car loan applications ask for the same information. If you plan to have a cosigner make sure to mention them by name on the application. You may even have to provide financial and employment records for your cosigner.


  • Always check to see if the connection is guaranteed to be secure before you fill out a car loan application online.