How to File a Notice of Intent to File Bankruptcy

A notice of intent to file bankruptcy, also known as a statement of intent, is a required part of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The statement of intent informs the creditors included in the bankruptcy that you are filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This statement includes the creditor's name, address, the property attached to the account and how the debtor wishes to handle that particular debt. For example, you can inform the creditor you are surrendering a vehicle, reaffirming the vehicle or choosing to ask for a different option.

Make a list of creditors who you are including in your bankruptcy case. Write down the names and addresses of these creditors, as well as your account number, if applicable.

Download Official Form 8 from for your notice of intention. Provide your name, the Chapter 7 case number and the creditor name.

Choose what action you are intending to take with the secured property. You have the option to surrender it, retain it, redeem it, reaffirm it or choose to offer another solution.

Select whether this property is considered exempt from liquidation or not exempt. Repeat this with any other secured property loans.

Provide information on any property that you lease, such as a car, in Part B. Sign and date the form. You can choose to attach additional copies of this form if you need more room for other creditors.

Submit this document to the clerk of the bankruptcy court handling your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.