How to File Individual Taxes in the State of Georgia

How to File Individual Taxes in the State of Georgia
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Georgia state income tax return forms, schedules and instructions are available at the Georgia Department of Revenue website. The instruction booklet for individual Form 500 and Short-Form 500-EZ describes how to file for full-year residents as well as non-residents and part-year residents. Georgia income tax returns can be filed electronically, and payments for taxes owed can be made using a major credit card. Generally, as of 2011, you must file a Georgia income tax return if you are single and earned more than $5,000, married filing jointly with income exceeding $8,400 or married filing separately with income over $4,200.

Collect your wage and other tax records and receipts, including copies of your IRS tax returns and attachments.

Obtain applicable Georgia tax forms and instructions online at the Georgia Department of Revenue website or request the forms by calling or writing to the Department of Revenue.

Read the Georgia state individual tax instructions for Forms 500 or 500-EZ and review the forms.

Complete Form 500 or 500-EZ and any required attachments.

Calculate your tax and determine whether you will receive a refund or owe taxes to the state of Georgia. Sign and date your tax return. Georgia tax tables are contained in the Form 500 Instructions booklet at pages 20 to 22. Low-income taxpayers are entitled to a tax credit ranging from $5 to $26 as of 2011. Calculate your credit, if any, using the Low-income Credit Worksheet shown on page 14 of the forms instruction booklet.

Photocopy your completed Georgia income tax forms and your IRS tax return and attachments.

Assemble your forms, schedules and attachments, if any. Do not staple your return.

Enclose a check or money order or pay via credit card for any taxes owed to the state of Georgia Department of Revenue. You must submit Payment Voucher 525 TV along with your payment. If you do not pay the tax owed, attach a note explaining your circumstances and request a payment plan.

Mail your tax return to the state of Georgia Department of Revenue at the appropriate address listed on page 3 of the Georgia income tax Form 500 Instructions booklet.


  • If you have questions about how to file your Georgia income taxes, contact Georgia Department of Revenue taxpayer customer service at 1-877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711).


  • Although you may request an extension to file your Georgia income tax returns, this does not extend the time to pay your taxes. To request a filing extension, use either Form IT 303 or IT 560.