How to File a Deed of Trust in Washington State

Washington State has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to filing a deed of trust for property. If you are buying a property or deeding a property you own over to someone else, then in order to make it legal and have the deed recorded in the public records, you must file the deed of trust form with the County Clerk’s office in the county where the property is located.

Obtain a deed of trust form. Obtain a blank copy of the Washington state deed of trust form (see Resources). Each state has slightly different forms, so make sure you are using the Washington state form.

Complete the deed of trust. Go through the form and fill in the missing blanks on the form. Do not sign the form or fill in the area reserved for the notary.

Sign with a notary. The deed of trust form must be signed in front of a notary and you have to prove your identification to the notary with a federally issued photo ID, such as a Washington driver’s license or military ID card. Once you sign the deed in front of the notary, the notary must then notarize the form.

File the deed of trust form. Locate the County Clerk's Office for the county where the deeded property is located. You can locate the office online or in the government pages (blue pages) of your local phone book. Call to confirm the mailing address for deeds of trust and either send the deed in the mail or go to the County Clerk's office to file the deed of trust in person.


If you decide to mail in the deed of trust, be sure to make a copy of the deed before you mail it. You may want to mail the deed of trust using a tracking shipment method, such as certified or registered mail, or using a delivery service that provides delivery confirmation. The County Clerk's office may charge a filing fee, so check with the County Clerk to see what the filing fee is and what forms of payment they accept in person and via mail.

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