How to Make a Few Extra Dollars a Week

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You can use your talents, hobbies and passions to make a few extra dollars a week. Some of the ways you can earn money do not require you to have licenses or special training; other steps do. Either way, in as little as an hour a day or an hour a week you can generate extra income that you can use to pay for products and services you want.

Recycle aluminum soda cans, water bottles and metal products at local recycling plants. You can also drop metal parts off at scrap metal plants and get paid according to the weight of the metal. Additionally, websites like Gazelle will pay you to recycle electronic equipment like cell phones, laptops and tablets with them. Also check with your local computer or office store to see if it’ll pay you to recycle your printer cartridges.

Deliver newspapers to neighbors. If you’re an early-morning riser, you can drop newspapers off before you drive to your full-time job. Depending on your route, you might earn over $100 a week. Ask the newspaper company you deliver papers for if you can work a specific stand. For example, you can make a few extra dollars a week selling newspapers at a downtown or mall location.

Work a part-time job one to two days a week. If you earn $12 an hour and work four hours a week, you’ll take home $48 extra before taxes. Types of part-time jobs you can work that don’t require licenses include department store cashier, movie theater attendant and grocery store clerk.

Babysit infants, toddlers and older children for relatives, colleagues and neighbors you know well. By babysitting the children in your home you can avoid traveling to the children’s homes, saving yourself gas money. You can also tutor children and adults at a local library or community center. For example, you can tutor adults and help them learn how to read, improve their literacy skills or prepare to take and pass a GED test.

Prepare meals and run errands for elderly neighbors. Some senior citizens pay home care agencies to send employees to their homes and prepare meals, run errands and clean up their homes. If you provide these services for seniors you know from a worship center you attend or in your neighborhood, you can earn $50 or more extra a week.

Teach a course at a local college or university. Depending on the college or university, you might need a teaching license to teach a one-hour community course. A weekend course will require about two to three hours a week. However, if you teach shorter non-degree courses (e.g., sewing, physical fitness, cooking) you might only have to commit an hour a week. The amount of money you make depends on tuition rates at the postsecondary school you teach at.

Conduct web seminars using a telephone and computer. If you and your seminar attendees connect to the educational session using tools like Skype, you can dial into the seminar for free. Depending on how much you charge each attendee, you can earn over $100 per seminar. For example, if you charge attendees $25 to attend a one-hour seminar on Internet Marketing and 50 people register for your seminar, you’ll earn $1,250. Create a professional website and post registration, pricing, subject, date and time information about your web seminar at the website so people can sign up.