How to Evaluate Moving to Hawaii

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Making a decision about moving to Hawaii is challenging. Different living situations and circumstances can weigh heavily in evaluating such an enormous move. You will find living in paradise comes at a great cost.

Read as much about Hawaii as possible and visit the islands at least once before you can effectively evaluate moving to Hawaii. Plan to spend the majority of time on the island you are thinking of relocating to.

Start looking for a job before moving to Hawaii if you don't already have one. Find prospective employment by searching on, and Craigslist. The cost of living in the state is high.

Ask yourself if you can afford to rent or own a home if moving to Hawaii. Go to Craigslist or other online sites to research rental costs. Compare amenities, whether the rental is furnished, if utilities are included and check if there is assigned parking. In addition, food costs are high.

Decide early on if you will bring a pet when moving to Hawaii as the timeline placed on vaccinations are strictly enforced by the state of Hawaii. Ensure your pet qualifies for the five day or less quarantine program. Visit for additional information.

Check the cost of shipping household goods if moving to Hawaii. Get quotes from shipping companies who truck the goods in containers or transport via railroad to California where they cross the ocean on container ships. Compare the time and expense this will require to the cost of selling or storing large items before moving to Hawaii. You may find renting a furnished or partly furnished apartment is more cost effective.

Make inquires about shipping a vehicle to Hawaii. Consider commute times are high. Evaluate moving to Hawaii with a vehicle using commute time, cost of gas, no-fault insurance and expenses with registering a vehicle in the state.

Consider the education of school age children in the family. Note that school is held year round in the Hawaiian Islands.


  • Some single family homes and condos, or townhouses in Hawaii are leasehold, meaning you buy the home or apartment, but not the land it sits on; this land is leased. Always look for free simple properties. If moving to Hawaii without a vehicle, pick living areas close to the city bus route. Evaluate moving to Hawaii based on the island where you plan to live. Remember the only way on or off the Hawaiian Islands is by boat or plane.

    Online calculators show the difference in costs living in Hawaii as opposed to other cities in the continental U.S.


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