How to Estimate ANG Retirement

The Air National Guard (ANG) retirement system can seem confusing at first glance. In actuality, the system can be broken down into a relatively simple calculation that can be used to figure out projected ANG retirement. An ANG member can begin drawing a retirement check after successfully completing 20 years of service and reaching age 60.

Determine Projected Retirement Pay

Write down your estimated years of service on a sheet of paper; e.g., Years: 25

Write down your projected retirement pay grade. For example, Pay Grade: E8

Go to the Air Reserve Personnel Center website (see Resources).This page will help you calculate ANG retirement points if you don't know how. To qualify for retirement, you'll need a minimum of 1,000 points.

Write down your projected ANG retirement points on the sheet of paper For example: Retirement Points: 2,250

Open the Approximate Point Value for Retirement Benefits page on the U.S. Army Human Resources Command website (see Resources).

Find your point value, based on years and pay grade, from the table and write it down on a sheet of paper; for example, Point Value: 0.332

Use the following formula to calculate your estimated retirement:

[Retirement Points] X [Point Value]

For Example: 2,250 X 0.332 = $747

Write it down on your sheet of paper.


  • You can double-check your results at the Reserve Retirement Calculator website (see Resources)


  • Remember, this is only an estimate and takes calculations based on assumptions. Your actual length of service and grade at retirement will affect your retirement pay.