How to Drop Someone From Your Vehicle Insurance

How to Drop Someone From Your Vehicle Insurance
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Perhaps you have a driver in your family who has racked up various traffic violations, or maybe you have a child that is planning on moving out of your home and obtaining his own vehicle insurance. Whatever the situation, you can drop the driver from your insurance policy by making contact with the insurance company that issued you your policy. In addition, if the person you remove has a poor driving record, you could benefit from a decrease in your insurance premiums.

Inform the person that you are going to drop them from your insurance policy as a courtesy. This can give the person time to make other arrangements.

Contact your auto insurance company by phone, and ask how to drop someone from your vehicle insurance policy. The representative may offer to complete the task while you are on the phone or he may advise you to visit the company website to make the changes.

Sign up for an online account with your insurance company if you haven't already done so, if you chose not to drop the driver via phone. Sign into your account, and look for an option that will allow you to edit or remove a driver.

Click the appropriate options for removing the driver. Confirm your selections. Wait for a confirmation notice, or call the insurance company and ask it to confirm that the driver has been removed.


  • Ask the insurance representative to give you a new quote regarding your insurance premiums once you've dropped the driver, because they will likely have changed.


  • Give the person who you are planning on dropping plenty of advance notice, if possible, to avoid conflict.