How to Get Donations from HP

How to Get Donations from HP
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Founded in 1939 by Stanford University classmates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, Hewlett-Packard is now one of the largest developers and manufacturers of computers and printers. Guided by its 'Corporate Objectives' since they were written in 1957, HP’s commitment to global citizenship has seen more than $250 million in donations since 2000. While HP primarily provides educational grants, it also provides support to advances in health care and fosters a strong sense of community involvement and volunteerism in its employees.

Determine your needs. HP offers a variety of different grants and support with three different focuses: education, health care and community service. Your need must fall under one of these three categories to be eligible for HP grants or support. HP also partners with a number of charitable organizations that assist in obtaining support for certain applicants who do not qualify for help directly from HP.

Research the available grants. HP targets grants at various levels: institutions, individuals or businesses. Review the grant’s eligibility information, ascertaining whether you need to apply as yourself, on behalf of your group or in any other fashion. Also look for application deadlines, response time-frames and application or nomination procedure.

Read about the previous winners. HP posts listings of grantees from the past year for each program. Select recipients and winners have their stories, written by HP, available for perusal as well. Since HP writes all blurbs about their grant recipients, reading about the purpose of the grant highlights what made the grant proposal successful with HP.