Are Dogs Hit by Cars Covered by Car Insurance?

Are Dogs Hit by Cars Covered by Car Insurance?
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If a pet is injured by a car, an insurance company may pay veterinarian bills depending on the circumstances. Injuries to a pet are considered to be property damage in the eyes of insurance companies, and determining fault can be key to filing a claim. Many accidents involving pets are covered by a person’s homeowner’s insurance policy, rather than an auto policy.

Dog Hit By Another Driver

Whether an auto insurance company will pay in the instance of a dog’s injury in an accident can be decided by who was at fault. If a driver other than the pet owner is determined to be at fault, that person’s insurance company may pay some expenses associated with the pet’s injury.

Dog Hit By Owner

If a pet owner hits his dog with a car, it is unlikely the auto insurance company will pay. Most insurance policies note that only bodily injuries to humans are covered by a policy. If a driver injures a pet while driving, the insurance company will not pay for the pet’s injuries, because the owner would be deemed at fault in the car crash.

Homeowner’s Insurance

If someone else’s pet dies on a person’s property as the result of a car accident or by other means, the homeowner can make a claim for the pet under his or her liability insurance. There is typically no deductible for liability insurance, and the pet will be valued as property.

Pet Insurance

The insurance provider will pay if a dog covered by a pet insurance plan with accident coverage is hit by a car. Pet insurance companies typically do not ask who was at fault in an accident, but accidental coverage is an add-on to most pet insurance plans and does not come standard. Some auto insurers also provide additional pet coverage that can be added to a policy.