How do I Find Elevation of Property in Pinellas County Florida?

How do I Find Elevation of Property in Pinellas County Florida?
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When you’re considering purchasing a property, you probably want to know just about everything there is to know about it. Some things are obvious, such as size of the property and type of landscaping. Other features might not be quite as obvious but can still be useful for property owners to know, such as the elevation of the property. A region like Pinellas County, Fla., for example, has several different types of landscapes, such as hills, plains and coastal regions, all of which have properties with very different elevations.

Find out where in Pinellas County the property is located. There are several different types of locations, including the ridge, the transition area, the flood plain, the barrier islands and the coastal filled areas. If you’re not familiar with Pinellas County, a realtor or the property owner can let you know which region the property is located in.

Research the differences in elevation of the different regions in Pinellas County. This is helpful when you’re looking for a general elevation level or a range for the property. The ridge area of Pinellas is mostly rolling hills and the elevations for properties are generally between 40 and 97 feet. The transition area and the barrier islands both have an elevation usually between zero and ten feet, and the coastal filled area elevations can be between zero and five feet.

Get the exact address for the property in Pinellas County, including the street address and zip code. If the property does not have an exact address, you can also find out the latitude and longitude.

Contact the Pinellas County government’s Planning Department. This is the department that handles community planning, land use and zoning. The zoning division can tell you the elevation of the property if you provide the address or the latitude and longitude. You can contact the Planning Department’s Zoning Division at 727-464-5047.

Utilize online resources to find out the elevation for the Pinellas County property. Websites like and Any Place, both located in the resource section below, allow you to search for the Pinellas County property’s elevation by entering the address or latitude and longitude, or you can enter whatever information you have, such as just a city or zip code, to view the topographic map for that particular Florida region.