What Do People Look for When Buying a House?

by Maryelser Kinmore ; Updated July 27, 2017
What Do People Look for When Buying a House?

Each person has different ideals when it comes to buying a house. There are factors to take in consideration before picking and purchasing a home, such as location, age and shape of house. Some people want a new house while others prefer a fixer-upper. By thoroughly considering your options and figuring in your personal ideas of a house, you will be able to find and buy one that can be made into a home.

Step 1

Decide on the right size of house. People with a large family or are planning on starting one will need to look for a house big enough to comfortably hold all members of the family. Those with one child or no children might look for a smaller house--something just big enough for them.

Step 2

Consider the location. If you have kids, then where and how good the schools are a big factor when looking to buy a house. Another factor to consider is if there are any playgrounds, how close any stores are, and how good is the neighborhood.

Step 3

Look for a basement. For some people, whether or not a house has a basement makes the difference in buying it. A solid, non-leaking basement can provide a sense of protection from storms. Some also look for garages and even attics when considering a house to buy.

Step 4

Search within budget. The price of a house is usually what determines whether or not it is bought. Having a huge, gorgeous house is all well and good, but it is not worth it if you can barely making the payments each month. Look for a house within your budget. This will most definitely keep the stress level down each month when payments are due.

Step 5

Determine the age of the house. If the house is very old, there might be a lot of work involved in fixing it up or maintaining it. The wiring might also be out of date and need work. If you decide on a newly built house, there most likely will be no improvements needed for a long time.

Step 6

Estimate the commute distance. The distance from work to home should be considered before purchasing a home. If the distance to work is more than 50 miles, then another house might need to be looked at.


  • Check all the plumbing and electricity in any house before purchasing.


  • Don't pick the first house you look at, unless it fits all of your expectations. Shop around a little, and compare houses and prices.

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