How do I Obtain Alabama Land Property Titles?

How do I Obtain Alabama Land Property Titles?
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Regardless of which state you own property in, you will need to make sure that you have the property title that recognizes your right of ownership. The title or deed obtained by the property owner effectively acts as a safeguard against competing claims to the land in question. Without this document, it can become quite difficult to effectively prove that your ownership of the land in question is legitimate, irrespective of when or how you paid for it. In the state of Alabama, you can obtain your property title by visiting the courthouse in which your land is located. These courthouses contain all of the relevant Alabama deeds and records related to the property in question.


  • If you are attempting to find a record for a pre-existing deed, you can search for it through your local county clerk's office. Creating a deed for a property you have recently purchased is also a relatively straightforward process, particularly if you use the guidelines established by the state government.

The Basics of Property Title Deeds

When you purchase a home, you will likely be required to file the deed or title to the property at the clerk's office in the county where you live. In the state of Alabama, these deeds are often kept in what is commonly referred to as a deed book. Here, a variety of pertinent information about the deed is stored, including the name of the property owner, the address of the property in question or the parcel number for the land.

This information becomes particularly useful if you are attempting to look up a different deed. For example, if you are hoping to learn more about the ownership of a parcel of land near to you, you can use this same information to locate it. Given the fact that deeds are considered a matter of public record, there is virtually no limit to what information can be sourced about property ownership within reason.

Obtaining More Information

If you have decided that you would like to receive a copy of a specific deed, all you need to do is visit the clerk's office in the appropriate county and request the deed using any or all of the data parameters listed previously, For example, if you have the address for a property whose deed you would like to review, simply provide the address to the clerk and they should be able to locate this information for you.

Keep in mind, however, that just because these documents are a matter of public record does not mean that you will be able to obtain a copy of them for free. You may be required to pay a small fee in order to obtain a copy of the deed you have requested.

Creating a Property Title Deed

In the event that you are seeking to create a title or deed for a property that you have purchased rather than searching for records of ownership, you can also do this quite easily. In fact, the website for your specific county clerk's office should include a variety of regulations and guidelines related to the creation of a legally recognized property deed. It is in your best interest to follow these parameters as closely as possible in order to ensure that your final document is accepted by the clerk's office.