How do I Obtain Alabama Land Property Titles?

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In Alabama, a deed provides evidence of a land property title showing current and previous ownership of the property. Each title, or deed, for property must be recorded providing proof of legal ownership. This prevents anyone else from claiming ownership of the land property. Most Alabama courthouses use deed books to record the information, making locating a property land title a fairly easy task with a little information about the property.

Locate the name of the property owner. Additional information, such as address or parcel number, is also helpful when locating a land title in Alabama. Alabama has a number system that implements the country number, township number, area number and section number.

Visit the county courthouse in Alabama where the property is located. Deeds are recorded in the county where the property is located.

Go to the clerk’s office where property deeds are recorded. Provide the clerk with the information regarding the land property in Alabama. Request a copy of the deed, showing the titled ownership.

Receive a copy of the deed, or title, showing the land property ownership in Alabama. A fee is required in Alabama to obtain a copy of the title. However, property titles are public documents that anyone is allowed access to.


  • If you do not have the property address or owner’s name, use a local landmark near the property, such as a school or fire department, to locate the property on the tax map. The tax map then provides you with the parcel number to locate the land title.


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