Disability Financial Help

If you consider yourself disabled, whether due to an accident or an inborn condition, you can seek financial assistance in multiple ways. There are many organizations that lend a hand to people who really need it, and each has different qualifications for approving an application.

Qualifications for Financial Help

You may be entitled to financial support if you have a physical or mental disability, or both. You can apply and start getting help even without a medical examination, but having one is the best way to prove your disability, and there is a good chance it will be required. It depends on the particular organization's standards, so it’s best to read up on them.

If you must undergo a medical examination to qualify, comply with the request. Medical examinations include an interview to assess your condition. If your disability or disabilities are confirmed, you will be recommended for benefits.

Types of Financial Help

There are many types of financial help, depending on the degree of your disability, income, age, or other issues related to your condition. Most countries provide some kind of assistance for the disabled. You can get help in the form of a living allowance or other income-related benefits, college funding, housing benefits, health benefits such as medication, a tax reduction or other tax-related benefits, among other ways.

Where to Seek Financial help

Many private organizations offer financial support for the disabled. But before looking there, check out government assistance programs, particularly social security services and other special divisions that provide financial help and benefits specifically for disabled people.

If you are already getting financial help through one program, it might prevent your application from being approved by another.

If your application is denied, you can usually make an appeal for it to be reviewed again if you feel the evaluation was incorrect. Although appealing is never an assurance that your application will be accepted, it's worth a try.