How to Determine Welfare Eligibility

How to Determine Welfare Eligibility
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When individuals or families have need for government assistance, the welfare system has various benefits available for those who qualify. In order to qualify for welfare benefits you must fit the eligibility guidelines for each individual state and program. In general, financial, medical and family considerations are taken into account when determining whether or not an individual or family will qualify for financial, housing or other types of assistance. Staying organized and in contact with local welfare agencies can go a long way in securing assistance.

Determining Welfare Eligibility

Organize medical and financial records. Gather pay stubs for the past three-to-six months, medical bills, medical condition documentation and expenditure information for your family living expenses.

Contact your local social service agency. Social workers are available through schools, hospitals and through your local Department of Health and Human Services. Be sure to ask which documents you will need to bring to your meeting. Be prepared to show your original birth certificate, social security card and any and all other requested materials.

Talk with your assigned caseworker about programs in your state for which you may qualify. Your caseworker will review your financial information, family size, medical conditions and bills.

Maintain contact with your caseworker and update your address, financial and medical information as necessary. You may become eligible, if previously ineligible, for welfare assistance as your financial, medical or family situations changes.