Does Denting Someone's Car Increase Your Insurance Rates?

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The act of denting someone's car will not increase your premiums by itself. However, once a claim has been filed with your insurance company, that may change depending on your situation. Insurance companies, no doubt, view claims filed when determining their risk of insuring you, as a driver. Therefore, those with no claims generally have lower rates.

Avoiding an Insurance Rate Increase

If you choose to pay for the damage of the other person's vehicle using your own money, rather than either of you filing an insurance claim, you can avoid a possible rate increase. If the dent is minor, the other person may decide not to get it fixed so he does not have to file a claim with his insurance company either. If the other driver wants his car fixed and you have to file a claim, it is possible your insurance company may offer a first-accident-forgiveness program that may keep your rates from increasing. By reading your policy documentation before contacting your insurance company, you should have a good idea of what to expect.