How to Decorate a Small Bathroom for Cheap

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From problems of poor lighting to cramped situations, small bathrooms can be a challenge to decorate. Decorating a small bathroom doesn’t need to be an expensive task. A few special touches in the right places can transform a tired old bathroom into one that looks freshly remodeled. Think colorful and pay attention to detail for the best ideas to decorate and open up your a small bathroom.

Paint a fresh coat of color on the walls. Paint is an inexpensive way to brighten up your bathroom almost instantly. Choose colors that suit your color scheme and go with any shade you like. Semi-gloss paints are nice for bathroom walls because they are durable, have a nice shine and are easy to clean.

Add molding to the top of the room to create a sense of space. You can also paint a lattice or other design around the edge of the wall at the ceiling to expand this area and make the room appear larger.

Replace the hardware on the cabinets, walls or furniture in your bathroom for a quick and inexpensive splash of design. Keep the hardware in tune with the theme of your bathroom.

Add a shelving unit to your wall. These units are inexpensive, and they can be adjusted to fit the width of the wall you wish to decorate. Above the toilet is a convenient place for these pieces. Run the shelves up to the ceiling to get the most use out of that space. Stack storage containers for bathroom items on the shelves.

Use a mirror to create the feeling of a larger space. This does not need to be an expensive, ornate mirror. Something simple with beveled edges will work just as well at opening up the space.

Hang a transparent shower curtain. Shower curtains with dark patterns and colors block the flow of light through the bathroom. Clear ones allow light to pass through the curtain, making the room seem larger. Add special flair by hanging your curtain with ribbon, twine or something you already have in your home.

Select soft light for your bathroom. Natural is best, but the main thing to do is avoid blinding white light in a small area.

Go for a minimalist approach when accessorizing. Too many accessories make a small room look more cluttered than it is. Use one decorative piece in your bathroom along with towels and a rug, and keep wall art to a minimum.


  • Shop at flea markets and garage sales before going to the store to buy anything.