How to File a Pothole Damage Claim in New York City

How to File a Pothole Damage Claim in New York City
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While New York City is renowned for its cultural and artistic life, its road conditions often fall short of world-class status. Every year, thousands of vehicles suffer damage from city potholes. While you can file a claim if your car is damaged, whether or not you receive compensation depends on several factors, some of which are out of your control.

Filing a Claim

File your vehicle property damage claim with the office of the city comptroller. You can file the claim via the eClaim system available on the New York City comptroller's website, or manually by downloading the form from the website. If filing the claim electronically, attach supporting documents individually in an Adobe, JPEG or tagged image file format. Whether filing electronically or manually, you must include your name and address, contact information, date of birth and Social Security number, your insurance company and policy number, attorney information if you are represented and the date, time and location of the incident. Describe the incident and include the dollar amount of damages. Include the names, addresses and contact information of any witnesses to the incident.

Claim Limitations

One thing to keep in mind -- the New York City Department of Transportation generally must have written notice of the pothole's existence at least 15 days prior to the date your incident occurred. If the NYCDOT has no record of the pothole, you're unlikely to receive damage reimbursement.