How to Get a Credit Report From Equifax, Experian & TransUnion

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Your credit report contains all the information the credit bureaus use to figure that all-important three-digit number: your credit score. Knowing what's in your credit report -- and making sure it's accurate -- is so important that once per 12 months, you're entitled to a free report from each of the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. When you get your reports, check for any incorrect information, such as accounts that don't belong to you, balances being misreported or incorrect information about late payments. Correcting any mistakes will improve your credit score and help you get more favorable loan terms in the future.

Pull up the Annual Credit Report website. According to the Federal Trade Commission, this is the only website authorized to get your free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus.

Select your state from the dropdown menu on the home page and click "Request Report."

Enter your identifying information on the next page including your name, current address, birthday and Social Security number. If you haven't had the same address for at least two years, you need to also provide your prior address. Then click "Continue."

Select each of the three credit bureaus to receive your all three credit reports. After going through each bureau's page, you will receive all three credit reports immediately.


  • You can also mail in a request for your credit report by completing an Annual Credit Report Request Form. It requires the same information, but it's much slower. Aside from the time it takes to mail the request in, it can take up to 15 days to process the request. When you request the reports online, you get your report immediately.