How to Create a Real Estate Listing

How to Create a Real Estate Listing. If you are writing your own real estate copy, you want to include all aspects of your home that will attract buyers. You will want to paint an accurate picture of the house along with highlighting its best features. You can do this by using the right terminology and making the most out of your real estate descriptions. Read on to learn how to create a real estate listing.

Include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Make sure that the rooms you are counting as bedrooms actually can be considered bedrooms. If it is a storage space that can be renovated into a bedroom, state that instead.

Give the location, but do not be too specific. You will want potential buyers to check out the home and decide for themselves if they like the area. Avoid putting things about the location like "close to shops" or "quiet street." These types of descriptions may not appeal to everyone.

Use descriptive words. This especially applies to the construction within the home. For example, instead of putting "new flooring," you can put in the listing "new marble tile flooring."

Practice caution when using real estate euphemisms. In real estate, a "fixer-upper" typically translates to a trashed-out property. Instead, point out the home's good qualities and let interested buyers decide for themselves.

Pitch a lifestyle for high-end homes. For larger properties, it is usually better to point out the amenities that will be available to the buyer. Instead of stating that recreation is available, provide details such as "palatial 25-acre property located on lake view golf course."


  • Avoid overstating things in your listing. Some real estate euphemisms, such as "cozy" and "gourmet kitchen" will merely turn off buyers because of the knowledge that these terms are used to exaggerate features of the home. Do not use any discriminatory language in your listing. Any type of allusion to race, class or gender will be in violation of the Fair Housing Act.

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