College Scholarships for Older Adults

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There are many students age 30 and older attending colleges and universities, with many pursuing a second bachelor's degree in order to change careers, according to Older students, often referred to as non-traditional students, may apply for Federal Student Aid as there is no age restriction for applying. Many scholarships have no age limit or requirement. Some scholarships for which the minimum age for applicants is 25 or 30 are available.

Federal Student Aid

All students are eligible to apply for federal student aid regardless of age. The free application for federal student aid, or FAFSA, is available at the website. Applicants will find a clear checklist of steps for applying. First, they assemble required documents and financial information. Next, applicants fill out the actual application and create an online PIN with FAFSA. Then, they may log in to review the status of their application and the results.

Adult Students in Scholastic Transition

The Adult Students in Scholastic Transition scholarship program (ASIST) provides scholarships to non-traditional students, including older students and those returning to school for retraining. Consideration is given for those in financial need and persons responsible for small children. The ASIST scholarships are sponsored by chapters of Executive Women International. Applications may be found at

State Level Funding

Older students may apply for college scholarships and financial aid at the state level as well as the federal level. The United States Department of Education compiles information online at The Education Resource Organizations Directory (EROD). Included on the EROD website is a complete listing of state education funding authorities and their contact information, including U.S. Territories. See scholarships by state link below.

Women in Transition Scholarship (WIT)

This scholarship is available to women who have worked as homemakers and who have no college degree. Awards are up to $16,000 over a four-year period in order to pursue a bachelor degree in accounting. Applicants should be entering school as freshman. Application information is available at

Federal Advice for Non-Traditional Students

The Federal Student Aid program provides advice for non-traditional students on the web. A chronological guide is provided to help students assess themselves and consider their options for education and funding at