Chickasaw Nation Grant Programs

Citizens of the Chickasaw Nation, whose tribal lands are located in Oklahoma, can apply for educational and other grants. Educational grant applications must be mailed or hand-delivered to the Chickasaw Nation Department of Education by the appropriate deadlines. As of publication, the deadline for the spring semester is February 1. It's June 15 for the summer semester and September 1 for the fall semester.

Educational Grants

In addition to scholarships, the Chickasaw Nation provides outright grants for education and education-related needs. These include a higher education grant for students enrolled for at least three credit hours per semester and who maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average. Students from preschool through high school might qualify for a $200 school clothing grant. Only appropriate school clothing is eligible for purchase with the grant, and students must submit receipts to Chickasaw authorities. Prohibited items include jewelry, sports attire, swimming attire, hats and pajamas. The annual application must be received between July 1 and December 1 of each school year.

Home Improvement Grant

Low-income Chickasaw Nation citizens can apply for a home improvement grant of up to $5,000. To qualify, the home must be your primary dwelling and your income must be 80 percent or less of the United States median income. In addition to the application, you must provide your previous year's income tax return, a copy of your deed, and proof of Chickasaw citizenship. If approved, funds are paid directly either to a contractor or the homeowner for stated repairs.