How to Check the Status of a Missouri Tax Refund

Think you may have paid too much state income tax? Want to know when your tax refund check will arrive? The state of Missouri makes it easy for taxpayers to check the status of their state income tax refund via a dedicated online portal. Generally, it only takes a few days to process electronic returns. Paper returns take a little longer to process, but you should receive your check in around ​four weeks​ of mailing your return.

Check the Status Online

Your first port of call is the state of Missouri’s dedicated online Return Inquiry System which you can access 24/7. Simply visit the Department of Revenue’s Return Tracker web page and enter the following four items:

  • The first Social Security number shown on the tax return
  • The filing status of your form.
  • The whole dollar amount for your anticipated refund
  • The tax year of the return.

Click “Check Status'' to pull up a simple dashboard indicating the status of your return, together with the date your refund will be issued (if applicable). You’ll also have the option to sign up for text or e-mail notifications each time the status of your tax return changes.

When Can You Get the Refund?

Taxpayers who file electronically and elect to have the refund automatically deposited to their accounts should enjoy the quickest turnaround times. Here, your refund should be available after ​five business days. Filing a paper return or choosing a paper check will delay your return to around ​four weeks​ after mailing your Missouri state tax return.

In each case, your refund should land substantially quicker than your federal tax refund, which is generally issued within ​21 days​ for e-filing and ​42 days​ of when you filed paper returns.

Bear in mind that a number of things could delay your Missouri tax refund. Usually, delays are due to errors on your tax return such as calculation errors or filing your return with missing or incomplete information.

How Much Will the Refund Be?

The amount of your Missouri state tax refund depends on your individual circumstances and, in particular, the number of deductions you’ve claimed. Generally, Missouri taxpayers can claim a standard deduction equal to the federal standard deduction if they did not itemize their deductions on their federal tax return. Below are the standard deduction amounts for the 2020 tax year:

  • Single filers: ​$12,400
  • Joint filers: ​$24,800
  • Head of Household: ​$18,650
  • Qualified Widow/ Widower: ​$24,800

Income in Missouri is taxed at different rates within the tax brackets. For the tax year 2020, any income over ​$8,584​ would be taxed at the highest rate of ​5.4 percent, plus $279​.

How to Get Additional Support

You can also get information by calling ​573-751-3505​ during office hours, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Be prepared to provide the same information as you would if you were checking the status of your return online.

For email support, send your inquiry to