How to Check on My Missouri State Tax Refund

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The state of Missouri Department of Revenue issues refunds to residents who overpay their state income taxes. Your refund amount is determined when you complete your state tax return. Once you submit your state return, the MDOR processes your refund. The Department of Revenue has created an online tool to help residents check the status of their refunds. Alternatively, you can call the refund hotline or mail a request.

Use the online tool available via the MDOR website noted in the Resources section. Click on the "Check My Income Tax Return or Refund." Enter your Social Security number, filing status and the anticipated refund amount. If the MDOR cannot locate the status of your refund, you are prompted to wait 24 hours before checking again.

Call the MDOR refund hotline at 573-526-TAXX. Provide the automated system with your Social Security number, filing status and the anticipated refund amount. Recheck in 24 hours if the system cannot locate your refund status.


Mail a written request to the MDOR. Include your name, address and last four digits of your Social Security number. Mail your request to:


Individual Income Tax P.O. Box 500 Jefferson City, MO 65106-0500



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