How to Get Cheap Modular Homes

How to Get Cheap Modular Homes
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Buying a modular home is an affordable way to become a homeowner. Modular homes offer many of the amenities of traditional homes with a much smaller price tag. So if you are in a position to buy a home in this economy, you're in luck. There are many ways to get a great deal on a manufactured home.

Look for sales. Check with your local modular home retailer for promotional discounts on their homes. These promotions can mean a great deal on your modular home.

Inquire about repossessions. Ask your local modular home dealers if they sell repossessed modular homes. The types of loans given for modular homes make it possible for retailers to repossess the homes if they are not paid for. Repossessed modular homes are typically sold at a much lower price than their original selling price.

Find foreclosures. Modular homes that have been foreclosed on sell at low prices. Check for local auctions that plan to sell modular homes. You can also check listings for foreclosed modular homes online.