The Best Cheap Fireproof Safes

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The reality of life is that accidents happen every day. One of the most damaging accidents that can happen is a house fire. As a result, it is imperative that you protect documents and items that are important to you. Fireproof safes have been designed and tested to withstand intense temperatures while maintaining an internal temperature low enough to protect documents inside. Fireproof safes come in different sizes and shapes and have different ratings for their ability to withstand fire and heat. Selecting the right one for your needs requires a little homework on your part.

Sentry Fire-Safe Security Chest

The Sentry Fire-Safe Waterproof Security Chest is a product designed to keep documents safe from fire, water damage, and theft. The safe has been ETL certified for fire protection and water resistance after being tested for a half hour. The safe will keep the internal temperature lower than 350 degrees in the event of a fire (paper documents burn at 450 degrees). This safe is compact and is relatively cheap when compared to other products. It is typically priced under $100.

Sentry Safe Insulated Fireproof Files

The Sentry Safe Insulated Fireproof Files & Electronic Safe is another Sentry Safe product that is priced within most people's budgets, typically a little over $100. It is a flat, wall-mounted unit that comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions. In addition, it is fireproof and has been ETL-certified for one hour. Since other wall units normally run several hundred dollars more expensive than this product, it can certainly be considered a good choice for people on a budget.

Phoenix Datacare 2001

The Phoenix Datacare 2001 from Phoenix Safes International is designed to keep internal safe temperatures even lower than document safes in the event of a fire. In fact, the internal temperature of the unit will remain below 125 degrees. This is necessary because media such as CDs, movies, flash drives, hard drives, etc. burn at 180 degrees as opposed to 450 degrees for documents. Typically these specially designed media safes are several hundred dollars more expensive than document safes, but this unit is priced just under $200.