How to Change the Owner Name on a Homeowner's Insurance Policy

Homeowner's insurance protects your investment against disasters like flood, fire and windstorm. There are times when, though you own the home, you may want to change owner names on the home insurance policy. For example, if you've recently married or entered into a domestic partnership, and have changed the title on your home, you may want to add your spouse's name to your insurance policy. Changing homeowner names on an insurance policy is usually a straightforward process.

Decide whose names you want on the home insurance policy. The names on the insurance policy must usually match the names on the home title.

Call your insurance company and ask to speak with a customer service representative about policy changes. Your insurance company will have specific rules that you need to abide by when making changes. For example, you may be required to fill out a specific form or have a document notarized.

Follow your insurances company's instructions. For example, send in the letter or the form that you are required to fill out. Changes are usually effective when your insurance company receives the documentation.


  • Check your insurance company's website for online policy change forms that you can download and fill out. You may also be able to find detailed information about policy changes in your homeowner's policy.