How to Cash Out PERFs in Indiana Before Retirement

Indiana's Public Employees' Retirement Fund (PERF) is a pension fund providing retirement income benefits to various employment sectors in Indiana. You cannot cash out directly from PERF before retirement. However, if you stop working for the public-service sector or become disabled, you can rollover your annuity savings account (ASA) into another qualified plan. The ASA is based on voluntary contributions and must be completely rolled over. It has no effect on your ultimate pension payment. Once the ASA is rolled over, you can distribute it like any other IRA distribution.

Wait 30 days from the date of service termination before starting the process.

Call the PERF administrator or log on to your PERF online account. Obtain customer service via phone by calling 888-526-1687 or by going to the PERF web page at the Indiana government website.

Request a claim for "Distribution of Contributions." There is no specific form needed, and the process is completed via phone or website.

Take a complete distribution, or rollover assets into a self-directed IRA.


  • Members eligible for reduced or unreduced pension benefits must start PERF annuity benefits before distributions from ASA are permitted. Eligibility starts at age 50 with a minimum of 15 years of service. Ten years of service for those age 65 or older establishes eligibility.


  • Distributions of tax-deferred funds are added to personal taxable income for the year the money is withdrawn. A 1099-R is sent to record the taxable distribution when filing personal income taxes.