Will Car Insurance Cover Things That Fly Out of a Truck?

Will Car Insurance Cover Things That Fly Out of a Truck?
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Coverage for items that fly out of your vehicle depend on the auto policy you have and the type of item. Your insurance company may cover luggage or clothing that flies out of a vehicle, but not a tool or electronic device. Since an item that flies out of your vehicle may cause damage or injury, you may be liable for repairs or medical expenses, both of which should be covered by your insurance.


Your claims adjuster first needs to determine if you are liable for any property damage or bodily injury that is being claimed due to an object that flies out of your vehicle. For instance, if you are driving on the highway with a ladder in the back of your truck, you hit a bump and it flies out, causing damage to the vehicle behind you, your adjuster may well conclude you are liable for the damage because you did not secure the ladder properly for transport.

Property Damage

Property damage coverage is provided by your insurance company to cover any damage caused to property owned by another person; this includes personal objects, animals and vehicles. If an object flies out of your vehicle while driving through a parking lot and it causes a dent in another parked vehicle, your insurance company uses your property damage coverage to repair the other vehicle up to your policy limits.

Bodily Injury

An object flying out your window or coming from the bed of your truck can strike a pedestrian as you're driving by, in which case you are liable for the person's injuries if you are found to be at fault. If another party is making a bodily injury claim caused by an object from your vehicle, then your claims adjuster uses your bodily injury coverage to pay for the medical expenses of the other party up to your policy limits. The liability in this case depends greatly on the exact circumstances of the incident.


Car insurance policies can vary greatly, depending on the state you reside in. Reviewing your policy handbook gives you the most accurate information about what is and is not covered. Any part of your handbook that isn't clear can be clarified by speaking with a claims adjuster at your insurance company. You should check to see if you can open a claim under your homeowner's policy for any item that isn't covered under your auto policy.