How to Cancel a Raza Account

How to Cancel a Raza Account
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Esyablished in 1995, Raza is an international calling card company that provides several calling plans which feature attractive rates for calling countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Depending on your location, technology and wireless carrier, as well as those you are calling in other countries, you may or may not find it advantageous to maintain a Raza account. If you have a Raza account and decide to cancel it, you can do so easily.

Log into your account at and click on the "contact us" tab. Once you log in to your account, your name and account number will pull up. You will need this information to cancel your account.

If you forgot or lost your password, click on the "forgot password" link and follow the instructions. If you also don't know the email address associated with your Raza account, click on the "support" tab located at top of the page.This page will direct you to another web-page where you will click on "contact us."

Click on the email address under the "Contact Us" page. This link will direct you to the sales department at Raza who can cancel your account.

An alternate approach is to ckick on the "Live Chat" button and initiate a conversation with one of Raza's live online customer support agents.

If email and live chat are not options, call the customer service department to cancel your account. The toll-free customer service number is 877-463-4233 for locations within the United States; additional toll-free numbers for Canada and England are listed on the company's website (see References). The account representative will want your name and account number, if you know it; otherwise, the process will take longer because the agent will have to use alternate methods of determining the information.


  • Use the minutes on your calling card prior to cancelling your account. Unused calling card minutes will not be refunded.