How to Cancel Car Insurance in New York

Car insurance is required in all 50 states when operating a vehicle. The state of New York requires all registered automobiles to have a minimum of liability insurance even for vehicles that are not operational. New York has strict laws and failure to maintain the minimum required insurance can result in having your driving privileges suspended. Canceling your car insurance in New York should be done properly to avoid penalties or additional money owed to the insurance company.

Look on your insurance card or documents and contact your agent or the customer service department. You may also visit your car insurance agent if visiting in person is better for you.

Tell the insurance agent that you wish to cancel your New York auto insurance policy. Provide him with the effective date. Each insurance company is different and you may be required to sign a form and return it before the cancellation can take effect. Ask the insurance agent if you are entitled to a refund. According to, many insurance agents are not required to give you a refund. The insurance agent will ask whether you have new insurance lined up. All New York insurance agents are required to update your insurance cancellation and new insurance information, if he has it, to the state of New York Department of Motor Vehicles.

Contact the New York Department of Motor Vehicles office nearest you to provide information on your new insurance policy or to return your license plates if you will not maintain insurance. Visit the DMV website to find a location near you (see Resources). If you fail to notify the DMV of your new insurance information or return your plates, you can be fined and have your license suspended.


  • If you do not visit the DMV to turn in the plates or update your insurance information, you will receive a letter and you will have 10 days to respond or your license will be suspended.