Can You Return a Car Purchased on eBay?

Returning a vehicle which was purchased through an online auction website, such as eBay, is just as difficult as it is in the real world. Support for returns of these large ticket items is virtually non-existent because any return policy might serve to diminish seller confidence and increase the instances of returns based on buyer remorse.

Seller Return Policy

Every eBay seller is permitted to create a return policy as he sees fit. Before purchasing a large ticket item, including an automobile, it's a smart move to review the seller's posted return policy and determine if the item you're purchasing will qualify under the seller's terms. A "no questions asked" return policy can allow you to make a large purchase with confidence knowing that if you're not totally happy with it, the seller will take the vehicle back and refund your money

All Sales Final

The seller is under no obligation to refund your money from an eBay auction or direct sale if the automobile you purchased from him is in good working order and is in the condition described in the seller advertisement. You may consider making a personal appeal to the seller if the purchase has put you in a difficult financial circumstance or created a family hardship in other areas. The seller may choose to accept the return though it's not guaranteed.

eBay Buyer Protection

eBay offers a buyer protection service for received items, which are inaccurately described or damaged in some way which was not disclosed at the time of purchase. The problem with this service is it does not apply to most items listed in the website's Motors section, which includes new and used cars. A buyer who purchases a car using eBay is unable to appeal directly to the website if a problem exists with the vehicle.

Appeal to Attorney General

A last recourse to find some satisfaction in returning a vehicle purchased on eBay is a written appeal to the attorney general's office in the state you reside in and the state of residency for the seller. If the sale is a matter of fraud in that the buyer intentionally mislead you into purchasing the vehicle, you may consider filing a complaint with your local police department.