Can Renter's Insurance Cover Moving Damage?

by Mallory Malesky
Moving damge coverage can be included in your renter's insurance.

Even the most meticulously planned move can go wrong. Accidents can happen and your belongings could be damaged. Thankfully, your renter's insurance can be used to cover moving damage if your policy allows it.

Renter's Insurance

Commonly, renter's insurance policies cover accidental damage to your personal items that results from moving. However, you will be responsible for the deductible. Before you move, contact your insurance company to double check with them about the terms of your specific policy if you're not sure. Remember, not all policies provide moving protection.

Additional Moving Coverage

If you use a moving company, they should offer a very basic insurance plan. Typically the reimbursement rate is based on the weight of the damaged item. However, this form of insurance shouldn't be relied upon for full coverage. If your renter's insurance policy doesn't include moving protection, you can purchase a specific moving insurance policy.

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