Can You Get an Extension on a Car Insurance Payment?

by Mary Jane Freeman
If you need extra time to pay your car insurance this month, ask for an extension.

If you know you won't be able to pay your auto insurance on time this month, you may want to ask your insurance company for an extension. Although every insurance company is different, many will give you extra time to pay your bill if you ask for it.

Insurance Payment Options

Although the policies of insurance carriers vary, many of the payment options available are similar. Payments may be made by check, electronic funds transfer, money order and credit cards. Some insurance companies even accept PayPal, which is a service that enables customers to make money transfers online. Policyholders can typically make payments by mail, online or over the phone. The frequency of payments can also vary, from monthly installments to lump sum payments. Some insurance companies are also flexible when it comes to accepting late payments. For instance, some carries will allow customers to extend or change their payment due date. However, the customer must ask for this concession, usually by calling the insurance company and speaking with a customer service representative.

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