Can a Veteran Find His VA Disability Compensation Rating Online?

by Michael Batton Kaput ; Updated July 27, 2017
The process of determining veteran disability benefits has been streamlined by the Department of Veterans Affairs useful online resources.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the federal body in charge of providing for veterans of the U.S. military. As part of its duties, the VA distributes benefits to servicemen and women who have been disabled as part of their duties with the military. Using the VA's online resources, you can get an idea of how much money the department owes you.

What is VA Disability Compensation?

VA disability compensation is a benefit paid to military veterans. This benefit is paid to veterans that have incurred disabilities from military duty, or have disabilities that were made worse by their military service. The compensation due to a disabled veteran depends on a variety of factors, including the veteran's percentage of disability, the veteran's marital situation and whether or not the veteran has children.

The Rate Table

VA disability compensation is calculated using rate tables created by the department. These rate tables feature a variety of calculations and percentages. The tables are broken down into groups based on what percentage rating of disability a veteran has. This percentage is calculated based on extensive VA guidelines for different disabilities. A veteran will be given their percentage of disability by a VA representative or doctor as part of the benefit evaluation process.

Finding Your Compensation Rating Online

The rate tables that the VA uses to calculate benefits can be found online on the VA's website. Using your disability percentage rating, you can calculate approximately how much you are owed. First, find the table that applies to your disability percentage. Then find the part of the percentage table that applies to your situation. For instance, there is a table for 30 through 60 percent disabilities, but it is broken up into different groups depending on the veteran's marital status, number of parents and number of children.

Other Considerations

Once you find the base compensation rate for your percentage of disability, you may add dollar amounts to the base number depending on your situation. Below the base rate tables, there are a variety of columns that tell you how much more to add for additional children under age 18 and additional children over 18. These numbers should be factored in to your final compensation rate calculation.

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