How to Calculate Registration Fees, Tax & Title Fees for Toledo, Ohio

by Renee Booker ; Updated July 27, 2017

If you are a resident of Toledo, Ohio, and have purchased a vehicle, you will need to obtain a new title reflecting your ownership as well as obtain a registration and plates for the vehicle. In Toledo, you must transfer the title through the County Clerk of Courts Title Office while the registration and plates are purchased at a Deputy Registrar License Agency. The cost for the title, registration and plates can be calculated ahead of time by referring to the fee section of the website.

Step 1

Navigate to the Fees for Services page of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, or ODPS, website.

Step 2

Select the fees that apply under the "Registration" column in the middle of the page. While all vehicles will require payment of the registration fee, you may also have specific fees that apply to your situations such as requesting a special plate or incurring a fee for mailing that must be calculated.

Step 3

Add up all the applicable registration fees you selected for your situation. Add an additional $15 to the total for the title transfer fee.

Step 4

Select your municipality or township from the Lucas County Services page of the ODPS. Next to the appropriate municipality or township is the permissive tax fee that must also be added to your total. Once you have added this fee, you should know what your title, registration and plates will cost.


  • If you are filing for a title 30 days or more after the sale or transfer of ownership, you will incur and additional $5 late fee.

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