How to Buy a Starbucks Store

Starbucks is the largest coffee shop chain in the world. They offer a wide variety of different coffee drinks and pastries to choose from. Although Starbucks doesn’t allow people to own a franchise there is still another way to own a Starbucks store of your own, by becoming a Starbucks licensee. According to Starbucks they will allow people who own real estate in high traffic locations to become a joint partner. High traffic locations are locations such as airports, lodging, hotels, grocery stores, college campuses, healthcare facilities, retail locations and other businesses.

Take out a loan. Unless you already own prime real estate or have money in the bank, you will need to apply for a loan. Go to your local bank and get a small business loan. To obtain a business loan, you will need to have a business plan. You can create your own business plan or hire a writer to create one for you based on your business goals. You will need to be able to show the bank that they are making a good decision loaning you money to start your business.

Buy prime real estate or an existing business. Once you have obtained a loan, you will need to buy another franchise or business that is already doing well financially. Many of the existing franchise owners who are able to become Starbucks licensees own stores such as Vons, Safeway, Target and other well known businesses. However, if you simply own real estate, and lease your building to other business owners of high traffic doctor’s offices, colleges and other well known companies you also have a good chance of becoming a partner with Starbucks.

Apply to become a Starbucks licensee. Visit the Starbucks website (see Resources below) and click on the link at the top of the page that says "For business," then scroll to the bottom of their home page. Click on the link which says licensed stores. Scroll down and select the type of business you own. You will then be taken to another page to fill out an application.

Submit your application. Once you have filled out your application with all the necessary pertinent information about your business or real estate you will need to submit your application.

Wait for a response from Starbucks. It will take a few weeks for Starbucks to evaluate your application and make a decision to allow you to become a Starbucks licensee.


  • You need to keep good financial records and provide proof that the business you own is thriving. If you simply own real estate you will also need to show some proof that your location is a prime high traffic area. Real estate that is located in the middle of town or on a busy street would be considered a high traffic area. You have the best chance of partnering with Starbucks if you own a very well known franchise such as Vons or another major grocery store.