How to Buy Land in Ohio

Buying land in Ohio can be an easy process or it can provide you with challenges. If you know what you need ahead of time, and are prepared, you will be better able to deal with situations as they arise. Land in Ohio can be used for recreational enjoyment, building a home, building a business, or just as an investment.

Use Professionals

The use of professionals is important to avoiding problems while buying land. Real estate agents are licensed and trained to deal with such transactions. They can help you negotiate the offer, complete the paperwork and go through closing. It is also important to enlist the help of a banker or financier if you need to finance your purchase. Doing this ahead of time saves unnecessary stress later on.

Be Aware

Be aware of what you are buying. If you are using a real estate professional, he can assist you with this. Make sure zoning is approved for the type of structure you want to build. You will need a soil test to make sure the land is buildable. If you want to enjoy it for recreational purposes such as camping or hunting, check with communities to make sure that is allowed.


To make sure you are getting a good deal financially, do your homework ahead of time. Ask your real estate agent to provide you with "comps," or comparable sales of land in the area. Check the price per acre if the land parcels are of similar size to yours. If you are going at it alone, you can find comparable sales online at the county records website, or at the local courthouse, which keeps records of each sale.