How to Buy Gamestop Stock

The stock market holds the power to enrich or impoverish you. That said, certain gaming retailers are doing just fine, and buying some of Gamestop's stock might not be a bad idea. Speaking with a financial consultant before purchasing any stock would be advisable, but once you've obtained the green light to put some money into the market, the payoff can be well worth it.

Buy, Buy, Buy

Determine which stock broker you would like to work with. If you understand the market and don't need much help, using a website such as e-trade may prove beneficial. If you need more advice, perhaps walking into a real investment firm will help you start the process.

Create an account with the broker of your choice.

Transfer the required fee to either your real-life broker or online website, as either will need some start-up money to get your account going.

Purchase the stock entitled "GME" either by asking your broker for advice on how much to invest, or searching the website you've joined for GME and investing as much as you'd like.

Check on your stock daily to monitor progress, or lack thereof.


  • Use the Internet and old-fashioned networking to determine which broker is right for you


  • Playing the stock market could have disastrous results if not monitored well